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Firmware upgrade

  1. Locate a mini USB cable that will fit the USB port on the Motolyser and your PC
  2. Download the Motolyser Feature Upgrade Tool and install it on your PC (currently Windows only).
  3. Download latest firmware from HERE.
  4. Start the Feature Upgrade Tool
  5. Select the downloaded “.mot” file using the menu choice, File->Open
  6. Connect USB cable to USB port on your PC.

  7. Place Motolyser on its side with connectors upwards and no cables attached.
  8. Push the “upgrade” button on the Motolyser with a toothpick, match or similar non conductive gadget.
  9. While still holding the button, attach USB cable to the USB port on the Motolyser.
  10. Display should start flashing, indicating it's ready to receive new firmware
    If back-light does not blink, please go back to step 7.

  11. You may be prompted to install a driver for the Motolyser at this time
  12. Select appropriate choices in the wizards window to install driver automatically.

  13. The Feature Upgrade Tool software should now indicate that the Motolyser has been recognized [Device Detected in the bottom right corner of the status-bar]
  14. Click the button ”Upgrade Firmware”.
  15. When the Motolyser restarts, You are done!
If you are using Windows 8 it may be necessary to install the USB driver manually, after the application is finished installing. You can find the driver install script in c:\motolyser\driver.exe, if you used the default install path.

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